How online casinos with live dealers work

Live casino is an independent segment of the online gambling industry, gaining increasing popularity. The secret of success of this direction is simple – it is a combination of convenient for many online format and at the same time – the game with a live dealer, which seems more reliable and comfortable to many players.

Despite the fact that the visit to the live casino happens remotely – the game environment is very similar to the real one, only the player does not need to think about the dress code or to look for a time and place for a fascinating game of poker. It is enough to have a smartphone, tablet, TV or computer with internet connection.

Users are also attracted by the fact that in this format there are no “heartless” RNG-algorithms (random number generators), in contrast to other online gambling entertainment. Live casino provides players with live communication with the dealer and with each other. The setting of such studios adds special charm. Some players especially appreciate the format of almost a real casino and at the same time their anonymity – a neighbor at the table is unlikely to meet you on the walk.

As for the financial part – here the opposite of land-based gambling houses, the croupier has nothing to do with money. All financial operations, whether accepting bets or issuing winning money take place with the impartial calculation of the software, the whole process is automated.

How Live Casinos Work

Live casino studios are often located in the building of a land-based gambling house, in a television studio or in a specially equipped room (office). Gambling provider uses only professional dealers. Players at such tables sit in their home armchairs and take part in the game by means of some gadget with Internet access – make bets, observe the process and, of course, communicate with a live dealer.

On the technical side everything is also without any differences and complications – the room is equipped with several cameras, which are necessary for accurate and overview broadcasts, equipment for the game, tables and paraphernalia. The style, scope and format of such a room is developed taking into account the capabilities and specialization of a gambler-provider.

The use of modern technology allows you to convert all the necessary information in a digital, convenient for the player. It should also be noted that all “footage” is stored in the provider’s archive – this is done to improve the quality of software and to protect players. Each Live casino studio has a special technical and security service, which monitors players and croupiers, detects signs of fraud and controls the quality of the broadcasts.

Games offered at Live Casino

The most popular games at land-based and online casinos, offer their customers and live studios. Roulette and card games such as baccarat, blackjack and poker in their different variations are considered to be top games. Some providers offer their customers specific entertainment included only in their “portfolio of offers”.

Today, there are softs, where in addition to popular table games, the customer in “live” mode can participate in the lottery or play an exotic Sic Bo – Sic Bo – with its special bets. The assortment depends directly on the progressiveness of the operator and user demand.

The main difference of live casinos from standard online casinos, of course, is humanity, the game is led by a live croupier in front of all participants, there is no ties to the artificially created luck, in the form of a random number generator program, which makes particularly distrustful players, allowing the possibility of “control” RNG-algorithms.

The main components for the live casino

Regardless of the product offered by the provider to its users, how great is the range and quality of games with live dealers. The operation and functioning of live casinos are based on the basic, so to speak, whales:

  • Special studio – a room with a live dealer, special equipment, gaming tables and paraphernalia. Often such rooms are located in a land-based gambling house in a separate hall.
  • There should be a well-established mechanism to control all the processes of the game – GCU (Game Control Unit). In simple words GCU scans or reads an image from playing cards, movement and a stop of a ball on a roulette wheel, defines who owns cards or winnings and so on. It then converts and stores that information.
  • Dealer or dealer’s equipment – special monitors are the basis of the dealer’s work and of the entire studio idea of the live casino, which enables not only the communication between the dealer and the player, but also the visual control of everything that happens at the gaming table. Such equipment allows the dealer to conduct the game clearly. Once again, the Live casino does not use RNG-algorithms (random number generators).
  • User or player interface – the visual design of the live game may be quite different by design of chat windows, pop-up links, virtual “buttons” may be more or less, but the basic positions of any online casino with a live dealer are the same – the player will be given: the block broadcasting the game directly, chat – to communicate with croupier or players at his table, a separate block for betting (interactive) and a timer throughout the game.

How to Play Live Casino

In order to play at the online casino with a live dealer, the guest must perform a number of simple steps, first select the live casino, register at it, and make a deposit – in the terminology of online casinos is an account tied to the player’s account at registration, using a fair and safe option to deposit.

Finding the studio of interest with the game (roulette, baccarat, blackjack or poker), get acquainted with the interface and functions on the screen. We join the table. We start the game, following the instructions of the croupier and the general rules.

Lovers of gambling entertainment are not left without new formats of entertainment, gambling industry is particularly developing in the direction of online games, making them even more exciting, colorful and safe. Live studios especially like a huge number of players who prefer the classics and competition not with a “robot”, but with a live dealer representing the casino. Here, as well as in a land-based gambling house need the right strategy and tactics. It remains to wait until some of the luckiest customer of the live casino will be in the list of the biggest gambling winnings.