Online casinos and player trust factors

A few years ago, a study was conducted at an English university. Their goal was to find out the following:

Why do players trust some casinos and not others? What are the key factors in this case?

The authors conducted sociological surveys, arranged psychological experiments, processed the data and engaged in experiments. The conclusions they came to are discussed in the article.

Objectives of the study of player behavior

In recent years, the development of gambling on the World Wide Web has intensified. But many players still trust land-based casinos more than online portals.

People are afraid to trust money to operators, because they cannot control the gameplay from beginning to end.

For example, at an offline casino, customers watch the dealer shuffle the deck, deal cards, make payouts, run the ball on the roulette wheel and perform other actions. This gives them confidence, because everything happens in front of their eyes.

At an online casino, a person has to rely on the integrity of the random number generator. He has to believe that this program will provide an unpredictable result in every drawing.

Yes, some establishments offer control systems, but they look, to put it mildly, unconvincing. The cooperation of gambling operators with independent auditors and gambling regulators also does not give a hundred percent guarantees.

The initiators of the above-mentioned experiment created a mathematical model which allowed them to determine how users choose trustworthy online casinos.

The main points of their theory are as follows:

  1. Pre-filters – how much a person trusts online gambling in general, how he is affected by the prevalence of online gambling, whether he listens to reviews and recommendations.
  2. Interface properties – how easy it is for a person to use the services offered.
  3. Information content – how much information about the company is accessible and convincing, what are the working conditions, what is the level of security.
  4. Customer relationship management – the overall quality of service, the level of communication before and after services.

The stated goal of the study is as follows:

Find out what factors are most important to players when choosing an online casino.

Finding out what the most important factors are considered by potential customers. tential customers, the owners of gambling establishments can use this information to attract more visitors, to retain old players and to improve the overall level of service.

Research Methodology

The authors engaged in a sociological survey on thematic forums, where fans of Internet gambling communicate. They were asked a series of questions to find out how they decide that some casinos are reliable and others are not.

Initially, the researchers spoke privately with the most active commenters, and then created a questionnaire that was posted in the public domain. The questionnaire consisted of several dozen statements to either accept or reject.

A seven-point rating scale was also used.

An important point: participation in the survey was anonymous, which many users insisted on.

Results of the study

Analysis of the collected information revealed the following composition of the audience by gender:

  • Women – 13%,
  • Men – 87%.

About 99% of the respondents had been using the Internet for more than three years.

Further researchers calculated the average rating for each of the four factors, which most often are used by the players. Below are the results gathered from the survey.

Information content of the online casino

This factor was the leading one. It received 34% of votes.

The player is extremely important information about the institution.

He wants to be able to read documentation, learn about the founders, find out all the nuances of the rules on his own, get answers to all questions and so on.

The architecture of the site is also very important. The portal should be user-friendly and understandable, so a person can easily find everything he needs or is interested in.

Customer relationship management

The second place was given to the player support factor. It scored 26%.

Customers need a direct and quick communication with the official representatives of the administration of the casino.

In land-based casinos with this is easier. Any visitor can contact the pit boss, manager, cashier or croupier – it all depends on his interest issue. And he will certainly get an answer if it is a decent institution.

At the online casino, the player can communicate with a support person, and it is important to have a quick response to his inquiries. The conversation can take place in different formats:

  • E-mail – the client sends a letter to a specified email and receives a reply in the same form. This is not the most convenient way, because it does not provide a real live communication. Sometimes the casino responds the next day or later.
  • Feedback form is an analogue of email, but the player has to send a letter using a special form. This approach is also not very attractive to customers.
  • Phone number – the site publishes phone numbers that can be used to contact the helpdesk. Great if free options are available for all major countries, but this is rare. Players usually don’t want to pay for the call.
  • Live chat is the ability to communicate with an operator in real time. The best option is a 24-hour live chat with employees who speak different languages.
  • Messengers and social media – many casinos allow you to contact support representatives in these ways.

According to the survey results, customers want to get answers to their questions right away. They also prefer to have several methods of contact at once.

Support operators should be polite, educated professionals who can solve any problem. This increases the level of trust in the online casino.

An important role is played by the FAQ section (FAQ) with answers to the questions that are most often asked by new users. It allows you to solve many problems on your own, without attracting external help.

Features of the casino interface

This factor received 22% of the rating.

Every year Internet users are becoming more and more demanding of site design.

They do not want to see intrusive animations, annoying ads, poorly readable fonts, grammatical errors and misleading phrases.

If the portal looks cheap, many customers won’t risk trusting it with money.

Preliminary player perception filters

This factor scored 18%.

Since the survey involved experienced Internet users who already play at online casinos, most of them are well familiar with the general principles of these institutions.

They don’t need to be convinced that gambling sites can be safe, qualitative and convenient. They are already aware of their general advantages and disadvantages.


What do the results of the survey of online casino trust factors tell us?

The information obtained in the survey makes it clear to gambling operators that they should consider all aspects:

  • It is necessary to provide clients with comprehensive data on the founders, licenses, certificates and so on. Players should have no doubts that the institution is legal, that it offers honest slots, that their money will be safe.
  • Customers should be able to contact the support service at any time in a convenient way and instantly get a professional response in their native language.
  • The design of the site should be as comfortable, intuitive and disposable as possible.
  • There should also be a general policy aimed at increasing the credibility of the online casino. This can be cooperation with the media, participation in charity, taking care of problematic players and the like.

To attract the maximum number of potential customers will only allow a comprehensive approach.

And by what criteria do you select the casino? What factors convince you that the institution is honest and reliable?

Share your opinions in the comments. Write reviews, tell life stories and ask questions.